I hold a Licenciatura en Estudios Liberales (Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts) and a Magíster en Historia (M.A. in History). I have successfully approved the following translation-related courses:

  • Summer Intensive Course in Translation Technology at UCL
  • Civil Law translation at UCV (Proidiomas)
  • Mercantile Law translation at UCV (Proidiomas)
  • Criminal Law translation at UCV (Proidiomas)

What I'm studying now:

  • DipTrans Preparation course at LondonMet
  • Specialisation in Legal Translation at UCM

Quality is my main value

I revise the translated text 3 or 4 times in order to guarantee the best quality. Faithfulness, consistency and style are taken care of.

Special care should be taken when translating to UK vs US, specially when it comes to spelling. 

It's about balance

There's a fine line between being faithful to the original text and disrespecting the conventions of the target language. Laura Translator will find the perfect balance between the two.

I know how to use the most accurate terms

When it comes to legal translation, the accurate term in the target language must be found and used, if there's an equivalent term. If there's not, an explanation should be given in a footnote. 

Specialised knowledge