English to Spanish Legal Translation

by Laura Snijder

Making Sure You Get The Translation You Need

That's my goal: making sure you get what you need. I won't just machine-translate (read "Google translate") your text and that's it. On the contrary, my translations go through thorough revisions. This is to ensure the best possible quality.
I'll ask relevant questions before the translation. For example:


What country or region is this translation intended for use in?

Spain, UK, Latin America, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, etc.

What do you need your translation for?

Your document may be going to a government agency, university, school.
I need to go where it is going so I can better serve you.

Do you have any other requirements?

Every entity has different requirements when it comes to translation.
Tell me what you need. If you don't know, ask me and I'll help you find out.

I want to make sure I'm actually helping you.

Perhaps you need a translator certified by an official government office, or perhaps you need a hard copy of the translated document signed by me. You don't need just a translation. You typically need to comply with certain requirements as well.
You also want a smooth process. I am sure you don't want to hire another translator to retranslate the text from scratch. Or worse, you don't want your translation to be rejected by a government office. In a nutshell, you don't want to lose time or money.
If you are a Project Manager, you don't want to struggle with low-quality translations. You don't want the revisor or proofreader to tell you that the translation is so horrible that it needs to be redone. You don't want the client to be waiting for their translation while you go through this predicament.
That's when I come in. I am here to to translate your documents hassle-free. 
Now I'm sure you're wondering...

Why You And Not Any Other Translator?

I have the experience and qualifications to translate legal documents from English into Spanish. I am familiar with legal documents from Spain, UK, US, and several Latin American countries. 
Unlike several colleagues, I have studied Legal Translation in both Venezuela and Spain. So, I can say I operate from a "transatlantic" perspective.
When I claim I can translate a given document, it's because I have seen how it looks like in both English- and Spanish-speaking locations. Let's say you need to translate a Spanish birth certificate into UK English. Since I have studied how these documents are structured in both countries, I can translate them from European Spanish to UK English.
You need attention to detail, knowledge about legal documents and about the Spanish language.  I know where commas go. I never miss Spanish accent marks. I know what sounds natural and what sounds anglicized. Basically, I am a language nazi.
I am honest about what I can and what I can't do for you. I'll accept a job ONLY if I have the time and resources to complete it successfully. I won't sacrifice quality just to earn a few pounds. 
I promise to deliver within the deadline we had both previously agreed. If I fail to do so, I'll give you a 20% discount.

More Than 10 Countries Around The Globe 

I have experience with documents from US, UK, Cuba, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Australia, Costa Rica...

+100 Satisfied Customers

I have served more than 100 customers. My translations have never been rejected by any entity, institution or government office.

More Than 100,000 Words Translated

I have more than 100,000 translated words under my belt. My experience is focused on certificates, diplomas and leases.​​
  • Debbie Verschueren In her work, Laura has confirmed her language knowledge, and she has shown professionalism, flexibility and responsibility (...) Laura has become a valuable member of our staff of freelance translators.
  • Emil Outstanding translations, as always. What I really appreciate about Laura is that she is very meticulous in her translations. Great attention to detail.